It was so much easier when she loved horses more than boys!

PLANNER:  As a planner my brain went in to overdrive when I was told that I would have (at the moment) 5 months to plan this wedding.  Prioritizing is a must so I took out my list of things that need to be done for every client’s wedding:  Budget, Ceremony including Music, Officiant, Reception Venue, Entertainment, Event Stationery, Photo, Video, Hair and Make-Up, Florist, Room Block, Transportation, Gift Bags, Attire, etc.  I tell clients that when time is short compromises may have to be made.  If clients are getting married at a house of worship their officiant may dictate the date.  If ceremony and reception are at the same venue then they can choose their date and find an available venue or find the venue and choose an available date.  In this case I knew they wanted the ceremony to be in a church (that they would find) and we knew the date so I started with the reception venue.  Sent emails to four of my favorite venues while not telling anyone that this is for my daughter.  “Just doing some preliminary research for a potential client who is not yet engaged but wants New Year’s Eve of this (2012) year” I said and ask for availability and preliminary cost.  I expect that premiums will be charged because of the holiday.

Two venues are booked. One venue is outside the budget.  One is available BUT they do have another wedding there that night.  That’s OK – this venue has multiple event spaces that don’t make it seem like a wedding factory.  It’s also a hotel that will give us a good rate for overnight accommodations.  I have to pay them for the alcohol and there is a room rental fee.  Catering is separate.  I know their preferred caterers and know the one I would recommend.  If the bride and groom like it we’ll be good to go.

I reach out to the caterer with the same question and then the DJ, and hair and make-up stylists.  So far everyone is available.

MOTHER OF THE BRIDE:  As the MoB I’m starting to think about what this is going to cost and have a number in mind.  I dream that Publisher’s Clearing House has arrived at my door with balloons and an oversized check.  So far they haven’t (and they never do).  This is my only daughter’s wedding and it will be perfect even if it kills me.  As I go through the list of things that need to be done in a short amount of time I stop on her dress.  Keep in mind that all I’ve heard since Alison was a teenager was that her guests could eat hot dogs and beans but her dress would be fabulous!  I know that fabulous takes about 6 months to order.  By the time they’re formally engaged (Austen wants to wait until his sister’s wedding which is at the end of September.  His sister, thankfully, put the kibosh to that) I don’t know how much time we’ll have but it won’t be 6 months even if we went shopping today.  At this point a part of me is hoping they’ll change their mind while another part is excited.  Still wishing (out loud) that they would consider another date.  They know we can’t really move forward on anything until they’re officially engaged and I’m not getting any feedback as to when that will be.  My husband is trying to be supportive.  My sister is keeping me from jumping into my backyard lagoon with a brick tied to my chest.


Tears will be shed during the planning process.   When the big day finally arrives there should be nothing but smiles!  You've done all you can.  Now it's time to relax and enjoy!  Photo courtesy of John Arcara Photography
Tears will be shed during the planning process. When the big day finally arrives there should be nothing but smiles! You’ve done all you can. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy! Photo courtesy of John Arcara Photography