Have you ever heard the phrase “He (she) gets his/her exercise by jumping to conclusions?” It’s one of my favorites! My ex-boss was famous for it. Some people make assumptions – it’s almost like profiling – with the least amount of information.

For example, I get a lot of “my ___________ doesn’t like working with wedding planners” from my clients who have already chosen their professionals before hiring me. This cracks me up! While I’ve worked with plenty of professionals I’d rather not work with again I don’t assume that everyone in their industry behaves the same. If I did I’d never hire another videographer.

I’ve had professionals come up to me after an event to express their hopes that we’ll work together again. They had kept their assumptions to themselves before the event and gave me a chance to show them how All the Best is there to help not hinder them. I had one videographer (not the one referenced above) tell me he was apprehensive about working with a wedding planner because of past experiences. He told me that I was so easy to work with that he would recommend me to his clients. Now that’s a compliment!!

I have a client who made the “my photographer doesn’t work with planners” statement to me the other day. The funny thing is that the guy who said it isn’t even the shooter at her wedding – he’s sending one of his associates!  I have called this photographer three times and have yet to have the courtesy of a return phone call. I’ve been as nice as pie when leaving messages trying to let him know that I’m there to help not hinder. So far nothing and the wedding is in two days.

I have another client who is getting married at a beautiful venue here at the Jersey Shore. She’s been going to area bridal shows to listen to bands and has taken the time to walk through the exhibitors area. She stopped to speak to one professional who asked her where her wedding will take place and when told the name of the venue responded “Well I guess you don’t have to worry about a budget.” WHAT???!!! Does that mean now that you know the venue you’re going to jack up the price?? If her reception was at the Super 8 motel would you lower your price or not give her the time of day because you think she doesn’t have a big budget? I am flabbergasted that a professional would make such an assumption based on just the reception location.

Personal experience trumps hearsay every time. I always try to find out the details so I can draw my own conclusions.  A variety of references from people who have worked with the professional in the past is a great place to start.  Some people are like Chicken Little (going back to the ex-boss again) – the sky is always falling. Most of the time the situation is not as dire or dramatic as originally presented. Like any good detective I try to do my research before drawing any conclusions. There are plenty of other ways to get your exercise other then jumping to conclusions!!