If you’re thinking of extending your event past the contracted time period (which is normally 5 hours including cocktail hour), and don’t have an event planner, make sure to mention it to all your vendors including the reception venue ahead of time. Every vendor who stays (entertainment, photographer, videographer) will charge you extra to stay and that’s on top of what the venue will charge you for the OT for their wait staff and alcohol. If the venue charges on a per person basis it will be based on the # of guests you gave as the final count NOT the # of guests who are still there at the time you decide to extend. Consider an after party at a nearby bar instead (either planned or spontaneous). Everyone will pay for their own drinks (including yours) and you can dance the night away to the band that’s playing. It’s another way to save money and your professionals will appreciate it especially if they weren’t planning on being there past their contracted time and may not be prepared to stay.