I hear it all the time “You’re a wedding planner??!!! I’d LOVE to be a wedding planner!!! I just did my daughter’s (or my own or my best friend’s) wedding. I had a BLAST I’d LOVE to do it again!! I have to laugh a little to myself whenever I hear this. The comments are made when the event is over not when they’re in the midst of the planning. It reminds me of childbirth – all the discomfort and pain of the last nine months is forgotten the moment that baby is born.

I wonder if they remember how the big disagreement between mother (or stepmother) and the bride was settled without causing any hard feelings? Who negotiated the contract with a vendor who kept saying “no”or “that will cost you more” by getting them to say “Yes!” or “We can include that in at no extra charge?” Who handled the call from the limo company while everyone was having their hair and make up done? How many florists did you contact before you found one that did great work at a reasonable price?

Weddings are expensive – let’s not kid ourselves. A good wedding planner should bring value to your event. They should be able to save you time and aggravation and bring a sense of order and calm to your wedding day. A good wedding planner should make you feel confident that your wedding day will go as smoothly as possible and that you’ve gotten the most for every dollar spent.  How much is peace of mind worth to you on the most important day of your life?

How much is your time worth? Do you really have the time to research all the reception sites in the area that can accommodate 200 people? Do you know which hotels will give the best room rates at which times of the year? Do you know how to negotiate a package with your professionals to get the most for your money? Even if a venue has their own wedding planner – is that planner going to help you at the ceremony site, put a timeline together for you and contact all your professionals prior to the big day? Keep in mind that the planner supplied by your venue is paid and employed by the venue – not by you. Who do you think they’re loyal to??

Experience counts!! Just because your cousin’s photographer did a great job for her three years ago doesn’t mean that photographer is currently up to date on the latest technologies. The food at your best friend’s reception was phenomenal but did you know they’ve changed chefs and menus since then?? The DJ at your co-worker’s wedding did such a great job that you want to book him. When you call that company how do you know you’re getting the same DJ??

It is my experience that there are clients out there who really want and/or need a planner yet don’t hire one because they think it’s too expensive. You don’t have to have a big, fat, fabulous event budget to hire a planner. Having a planner is invaluable and I don’t just say that because I’m a planner. I’ve had day of event clients say to me that they wish they’d hired All the Best Weddings & Celebrations sooner. I’ve had other clients wonder out loud what they would have done if we  hadn’t been there to help during the planning process or a day of event crisis.

All the Best does not offer specific packages and pricing because we feel that each event is unique and deserving of its own service proposal and fees.  There are lots of planners out there at various price points and offering various kinds of services. Do the research and find the wedding planner that’s right for you. You’ll be glad you did!!