ATTENTION Brides and Grooms!! Did you know that you need to feed the professionals working for you at your wedding? The the band (or DJ), photographer(s), the videographer (s)?? Did you read the clause in their contract that says a meal must be provided? If you saw it what did you think that meant?

The reason I ask is that I just saw a post on Facebook by one of ATB’s strategic partners about vendor meals. He worked 11 hours for his clients and all he got was a cold sandwich. While the bride is the one who ordered the food I’m going to point the finger at the venue for offering sandwiches as an option.

There are several venues here at the Jersey Shore that (a) only offer sandwiches to the vendors or (b) have the option of sandwiches instead a hot meal. Shame on them. The kitchen is already cooking for the guests and have ordered extra just in case some guests show who weren’t included in the count. The vendor meal count is given at the same time as the guest count so it’s not a surprise. The wait staff had their family meal prior to the event. Bet they didn’t have cold sandwiches.

All the Best has been fortunate to work at some very high end venues and with some of the best offsite caterers in NJ. All of them provide hot meals for the professionals. Several even provide the first five at no charge with the others charged on average $25.00 per person. Usually we eat what the guests eat at these venues with a wait staff person assigned to us for soft drinks. It’s a gesture that makes us all want to recommend the venues and caterers to future clients.

I’ve seen professionals who think they’re guests at the event they’re working and take plates stacked high with cocktail hour food. Personally, I think that’s rude. Drinking alcohol is the biggest no-no of all for a professional.

I also think it’s a little cheeky for a professional to put in their contract that they won’t eat chicken for their meal. Unless you’re a vegetarian you’ll eat what’s put in front of you and be happy you got fed. If the guests got chicken why are you too good to eat it?

If you’re a professional working an event for one of my clients I promise you a hot meal. I don’t know what it will be (we were served eggplant parmigiano the other night – a little burnt but edible) but I promise it won’t be sandwiches.

If you’re the bride and groom please be kind to your professionals and make sure they get a hot meal. It shouldn’t cost you too much and it will pay big dividends in the end. If your venue only offers sandwiches then insist that they provide a hot meal. You’ll be glad you did!!