If you have to cancel a contract, for any reason, the cancellation can USUALLY only be done by the person who signed the contract. Sometimes the professional or venue will accept a phone call to cancel, however, the majority will request cancellation in writing. Even if your contract says that the deposit is NOT refundable you MAY be able to get it back IF the professional or venue can re-book that date.

After sending written cancellation check back with the professional or venue periodically (say once every two weeks) to see if the date has been re-booked.  If the vendor is not returning your calls have someone else call to see if the date you booked is available for their event and go forward from there.

Always read the fine print before signing and discuss cancellation policies up front and make note of items discussed along with the name of the person who provided the information and the date. Have a MILITARY CLAUSE added if appropriate. Hopefully, you won’t need it, but it doesn’t hurt to have!